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Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

Challenges or Opportunities to Become Empowered? – November 2018

Have you noticed how frequently challenges are cropping up in your life? As difficult as these may seem they really are an opportunity to grow and embody more light. These situations open the heart and raise our frequencies to a higher vibration and reality.

I had a recent experience at work. I have a part-time job in a school and we have a new headmistress. She seems to be leaving no stone unturned and has been going staff through sickness records. To back track; I have generally been in good health, however last year was very challenging, raising many issues with my relationship with my Father. He had a terminal illness and many stays in hospital last year. He was also having frequent blood transfusions, so even when at home, needed care and help. He passed away mid-October last year at the age of 79. The grieving process for myself and my brother was made extremely difficult due to the woman he married late in life, after my Mother had passed away at the age of 58. However, I understand that although things seemed unjust, I was running old subconscious programs that were attracting my current situation with my Step Mother (I’ll use that term for clarity). This gave me an opportunity to clear those programs, heal what had been in my cellular memory from a young age, and even in my energy field from past lives.

To truly heal I had to face my true feelings and really feel where they were hurting within my body. I have learnt many techniques over the years to clear these programs and the healing has been incredible. I got to the stage where I went from immense anxiety and despair to joy and elation. I was able to forgive my Step Mother and even truly thank her for giving me this opportunity to heal which lead to this amazing new place of heart-based living. I felt compassion for her because she could not possibly feel what I was feeling from that new healed space. At least, not with her current, fixed mind-state.

I was doing very well with life, although in these times of ascension certain things crop up to heal and transmute. I went into work recently and my Line Manager said the Head’s P.A. requested I have a Stage1 sickness interview. My line manager wasn’t happy about this but saw it as a formality. He felt the best thing was to deal with it quickly, and word it as beneficial to me as possible. We all have a good relationship in our department. When looking at my records I had met a trigger point, only due to having time-off after my Father’s passing. My Aunt, his Sister also died exactly 1 month later, so it was a difficult time for our family. It seemed unjust and the wording of the questions on the form were so inappropriate. The interview was completed in the most positive light for me and emailed off to the Head’s p.a. I started to process what had happened and felt a deep sense of injustice and lack of compassion. This brought back all the awful feelings that I had experienced after my Father’s death. I had similar feelings towards my step-mother, and it seemed there was a deeper level of healing coming up. Not only that, but it was a week away from the 1st anniversary of my Father’s passing.

I wasn’t able to sleep that night and felt I was back to square one with grief. It raised so many things for me including stuff that had happened with my mother which also seemed unjust. I went to work the next day and my line manager asked how I was, and I answered, ‘not great!’ I had an overwhelming sense of mixed emotions and just burst into tears. The frustration was too much and I was so depressed to be feeling this again after plodding along so well with everything. My line manager was teaching all day, so got a friend to call in the office and chat with me. A good talk helped but I got home and was still feeling that pain in my solar plexus. It was so intense that I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I asked myself, what would I say if this was one of my clients? Of course, I knew the answers and that the only way forward was to take the energy needed to shift out of this space. I did a lovely Angelic Reiki Session, I got on my trampette and jogged out all the frustration, then I was in a space where I could meditate and enter the heart space. I accepted everything for what it was, then just surrendered it. That surrendering is really letting go of the ego, the inner child, the head-based thinking. It is surrendering to a higher knowing which connects the head to the heart. I felt more at peace and slept so well that night.

I awoke the next day feeling lighter and happier. I was in a space of gratitude again, even for the situation that gave me an opportunity to raise my frequencies even higher. That morning, I went into work like a new person and was able to smile at my line manager and probably get him wondering how on earth I yo-yoed from one extreme to the other? However, he knows about my other life in the holistic/spiritual field and maybe can see it must be working? There are some great ways to realign back into a coherent space and become more resilient in these challenging times.

The more we can stay present, learn that feelings are ok, they are just feelings. When we judge them as good or bad we start to feel in conflict. If we are not in the moment we are running the subconscious programs. These programs can be changed. When we detect the patterns, we can heal and transmute them. We can literally replace it with a new, better program that enables us to thrive!

If you resonate with any of this and would like to clear some of those negative subconscious programs, take a look at my website to book your preferred session!

Below are some of the services I offer:

Angel Card Readings are all about empowerment and recognising what is keeping us from our full potential. All possibilities exist in the 3rd dimensional, polarised world. Which one do you want to create? When we understand the subconscious programs, we have magnetically attracted and why certain situations play our in our reality, we can consciously work to change them. Our electro-magnetic fields resonate according to the frequencies we are giving out from our conditioning. Understanding this and using certain tools, can help us shift to higher frequencies.

Angelic Reiki is a great way to clear cellular memory. It can clear programs from, not only this life, but past lives and multi-dimensional realities. We connect with the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, Starbeings and Divine Presence to work on the Four Body System; the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Physical Body. It can kick-start the body into its innate intelligence that has the ability to heal itself.

Meditation Groups are another method to connect to the inner technology within, that knows what to do. These help us get out of the head-space and connect to the heart.

Integrated Healing – Advanced Angelic Reiki/Shaman Methods can go deep into clearing intrusive energy or entities, solid energy removal and working with the inner child to heal that part that is afraid and doesn’t want to be here. These treatment are very deep and it is recommended that you have an Angelic Reiki Session/Sessions prior to this treatment.

Transition Process for a deep clearing. Particularly beneficial if going through a major life change, death of a loved one, divorce, job change etc. This is a powerful and lovely experience where I dowse to see which chakras need clearing, once clear I move on to the next one, then back to the start until they are no longer blocking the others, I then clear the top layer of the aura and add higher frequencies to each chakra. Angelic Reiki is recommended before having this treatment on a separate occasion.

Angelic Reiki Workshops these workshops allow us to experience some powerful cleansings and attunements that work on so many levels. People have often reported having no other experience like it. These weekends can really aid our personal healing journey and give us tools to self-heal and help others. My next workshop is on Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th November (Friday evening and 2 full days Saturday and Sunday).

Please see my Holistic Therapies page and Workshops Page for further modalities.

I look forward to working with you!