Gaia Angel Therapies

Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

Higher Frequency Re-Tuning Energy Therapy


Changing deep-rooted subconscious thought patterns

Re-patterning DNA

Raising your Frequencies to achieve a happier, healthier life

Used in conjunction with the Vitali-Chi Boost


Do you find there are areas in your life where you feel stuck, whether it be in relation to health, relationships, career, finance, inner-peace and happiness?

Are you feeling stressed and low in energy?

We are all born to have infinite abundance in all areas of our lives.  From conception the lower self/ego, which is programmed during the first 7 years of our lives, is tuning us to certain frequencies that maybe of a lower frequency than we are capable of running from.  If they are coming from a frequency below LOVE then we are not running from our truest potential.

By muscle testing I can see which patterns are running that are keeping you stuck, what age you first embodied them and where they came from.  I then guide you to a higher state of consciousness, whilst on the Vitali-Chi, and guide you through the clearing process.  Once the programs are cleared we re-program them to a higher frequency using a very simple process.  You are then left on the Vitali-Chi to experience a deeply relaxed state where your body can retune to the specifically tested frequencies and allow the four-body-system to heal.  This is all tested under the guidance of your higher-self.  The higher self will know which programs it is ready to release and will only allow as many as it is ready to process in one session.

Clients have often felt an instant shift, increased energy and a sense of joy and enthusiasm.  When you connect back to your true self and feel energised and motivated you are able to achieve great things.  It is the ego/lower self that limits us.  The Universe supports us at all times.  By retuning to these Universally abundant energies we can achieve our true potential and be the shining light we came here to be.

To book a session please email me on

or via the Contact Page form.

Sessions cost £85 

Duration: 1¹⁄² – 2 hours, depending how much the body wants to clear

Sometimes I am able to pre-test before you arrive so I can set-up the Vitali-Chi with the correct frequencies and we can focus purely on the treatment.