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Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies


PELLOWAH is a hands off energy healing technique. Its primary purpose is to “Shift Consciousness”. The“healing” benefit is a by-product of this shift in Consciousness.

Each client’s experience of Pellowah differs, and no two sessions are alike. Pellowah is a pure energy and doesnot require the addition of aroma, sound, touch or other modalities.

During a Pellowah session you may experience body movement (tremors and spasms), digestive issues, see colours, hear sounds, have visions, and there are many other possibilities. You may also have no memory of any experience.

Pellowah works on a deep level and it will provide the next shift for your unfolding awareness.
On the odd occasion physical pain and emotional release may be experienced by the client as the energy moves and dissolves blockages. Consciousness resides in every cell of our Being and therefore sometimes “physical” and “emotional” reactions occur. Try to breathe through (which assists movement). If the pain is too intense you may ask the Practitioner to stop. If the session is stopped it cannot be recommenced. It will be necessary to book for another session.

Often we are not shown what the “shift” is. Over the days and weeks that follow the session become aware of how your actions, reactions and interactions may have changed. And how your emotional and mental state may have transformed.

The Pellowah Practitioner is present to facilitate calling in the energy, and flowing with the energy. Pellowah works directly with the client (not through the Practitioner). As such the Practitioner receives no information, and is unable to counsel, intuit or interpret “your experience”. They may ask you questions that cause you to reflect on your experience.

Eye mask and earplugs are used during this treatment to ensure the client has their own experience and not one triggered by outside influences. These are recommended so that you are not distracted by light or sound.

Session Cost: £50 – duration 1 Hour