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Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

About Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki Workshops


The Angelic Reiki healing system is taught in 2 workshops which is the original design that was channelled from Archangel Metatron to Kevin Core. These workshops connect the student with the most powerful Angelic energy being anchored on earth at this time. This healing system is equally suitable for beginners and those experienced in other healing systems. You do not need to have experience or knowledge in any other holistic complementary therapy to learn Angelic Reiki.

If you have been attuned to Usui Reiki or have experience in any other therapies, your starting point in learning Angelic Reiki will still be level 1 & 2.

How is Angelic Reiki different to Usui Reiki?

Angelic Reiki still uses the symbols available in Usui and other forms of Reiki, however they carry an additional angelic vibration, linking to Source. You also are not required to remember any symbols or hand positions with Angelic Reiki, making it a much simpler form of healing to learn. You are working as a pure channel for the angelic realm, merging with their energies allowing them to perform the work needed. Treatments are shorter than Usui Reiki because of the powerful additional angelic energies, allowing the most perfect healing to be given for the client. Angelic Reiki is also considered to be a multi-dimensional healing system. It is normal for both the practitioner and client to have strong and beautiful experiences during a healing and often past lifes are shown.

‘As a healer offering to work with the Angels in this way, you offer a wonderful service to yourself, others and the planet.’

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