Gaia Angel Therapies

Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

The Angelic Realm


Our image of angels are as winged beings. This depicts their connection from the heavens. In reality they are pure light. The most beautiful beings of pure, divine light. Their favourite calling card is little, fluffy feathers. One of their roles is to help and guide us. They will not interfere with free will so will only help if our free-will allows. Angels do not have free will and work in service to the divine. They are messengers of the divine and divine archetypes of creation.

We all have guardian angels that are with us throughout our life here. You can talk to them like a friend because they are the best friend you could ever wish for. They do not judge and offer themselves in service with unconditional love. Angels will help and guide us. Their help comes in many forms and is not always exactly what we have asked for. However, it will always be for our highest good.

Angels are omni-present meaning they can be anywhere at once. This means they can be helping you at the same time as millions of others. They appear in many different colours as each angel vibrates on a different frequency and colour.

Blue Feather


These beings oversee the work of angels and are known as the ruling angels. There have serve in emtremely important roles in matters from the direct will of source. They are not seen as more important than angels or any other beings, as like the wrest of the angelic kingdom of light they do not have egos. Angels do not have lives on earth with the exception of Archangel Sandolphon and Archangel Michael who did incarnate. Sandolphon as Elijah, the son of Abraham; and Metatron as Enoch and twin brother of Elijah.

Some Main Roles of Archangels:

Healing – overseen by Archangel Raphael who has the colour frequency of green

Strength, Courage & Protection – overseen by Archangel Michael who vibrates on the colour frequency of blue

Love & Relationships – this role is governed by Archangel Chamuel and is seen as a pink light

Grounding – Archangel Sandolphon who vibrates on the red ray

Intuition, Clarity & Discipline – Archangel Gabriel. His colours are of gold and white

Peace, Wisdom & Light – Archangel Uriel whose vibrates on the colours of purple and gold

The Hierarchy of Angels

There are nine orders of angels divided into three spheres as follows:

First Sphere: Seraphim, Cherubim & Thrones who are directed towards source and the divine’s record keepers. It is said their light is too blinding to look at.

Second Sphere: Dominions, Powers & Virtues who oversee heavenly matters. Known as the angels of wisdom and intuition. Order of the law of cause and effect. They combine the spiritual and material.

Third Sphere: Principalities, Archangels & Angels. Known as the ministering angels. They oversee nations and human beings. Known as heavenly messengers and soldiers.