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Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies

Shine Your Light in the World! Workshops & Healing Therapies




Psychic readings are achieved by tapping into our own intuition. Everyone is psychic and have the capabilities to develop their sixth sense and learn how to open their third eye.  All readings are offered as a scientific experiment only and no specific results can be guaranteed. Any guidance given is for the client to consider only. Any decisions and choices the client makes as a result of that guidance or consultation are the client’s legal and personal responsibility only, both now and in the future.

Someone once said to me, ‘It’s not my cup of tea. I believe we are in control of our own destiny!’ Well, that’s right. We are in control. Psychics are not fortune tellers. We are here to offer guidance and upliftment. We are only able to give information on the current possible outcome as our lives are not set in stone. We have free will and are responsible for every decision we make. We do believe that certain things are karmic and we agreed to them before we came into each incarnation. This does not mean that we can not change things in our lives that seem to be going wrong for us, as we are here to learn and progress on our pathway to ascension.  Readings can reveal a spiritual viewpoint of certain challenges in life and reasons why things happen. If we understand, we can remove the fear and realise that there are no problems in life, only lessons to learn, as everything happens for a reason. If we do not learn the first time, the challenge will present itself in a stronger way until we get it and move on.

Not all psychics are mediums but all mediums are psychic. A medium is a channel for spirit or other beings like angels and ascended masters. Their job is purely to prove there is an afterlife and that loved ones live on in spirit. This is a great source of comfort to those that have lost loved ones. We aim to give specific information from spirit about their character, cause of death, appearance and any information we can to find exactly who they are and know that we have established a true link. We have had our own proof of the afterlife and our aim is to proove the same to whoever comes to us for a reading. We do not believe that life is eternal. We know!

We are a spirit in a human body, existing in the third dimensional world. There are many dimensions to tap into. A medium is like a radio. Radio waves or electromagnetic fields already existed. Scientists discovered a device to tap into these natural phenomena. Mediums are also capable of tuning themselves into unseen forces and energies into many dimensions and life forces. Meditation is a great way of achieving this. When we learn to still the mind and let go of our ego, literally get ourselves out of the way, then we allow room for other sources and our higher selves to flow through. This of course, is practised under full protection as we never leave ourselves open to any energy. There is good and bad in spirit just as there is in this world.

The Facts & Myths

What will happen in a reading?

I always conduct a reading in a sensitive, positive and uplifting way.

Readings are beneficial as I always work with the light.

All readings are conducted in a safe manor, are always fully protected as I ensure that everyone around us is safe.

I channel angels, archangels, ascended masters and star beings. I also link into my higher self and other’s guardian angels. These energies are all working for our highest good.  I do occasionally connect with loved ones in spirit but I do not work specifically in this way, as only a medium.

I will aim to answer any questions you have about your life’s pathway but will only be channelled an answer if it is in your highest good to know.
It is best to only give someone a one-on-one reading about once a year. I do not feel it is in anyone’s best interest to constantly seek guidance from a psychic or medium. We are the only ones that can move forward in our lives and make our own decisions.

What will not happen?

The readings I give will never leave you disempowered and negative. When spirit are channelled through me they pop in to give messages to loved ones. I will never leave any spirits lurking around your home.

You will not be told that you or someone around you is going to die. I am not usually given this kind of information as it is not how I work.

I do not know everything about your life. I only give information that may help you at the current time. This information is your choice to accept or not. You are in charge of your own life.

In the unlikely event that I do not get a connection with you I will never make information up or tell you what you want to hear. I will tell you what you need to know. The information is channelled, and not given through the ego. On a rare occasion I may not get a connection for various reasons. It maybe that I am not the right person to read for you or you are not mentally in the right place for a reading. You could be blocking the reading by being closed and worrying about what will come through. The opposite can also happen where you want to hear something so much that you are blocking the flow. It is important to relax, be open and ready to receive what is meant to come. If I do not make a link with you I will state this and terminate the reading.

Readings are only given to adult. Strictly aged 18 and above.

I do not represent a certain religion and do not try to convert you to certain beliefs. Free will is our only god given right and I respect this. As psychics we do not own anyone or have the right to control and manipulate anyone’s lives.

Be reassured I do not judge. Nobody is perfect. We are all trying to work through our own pathways to the best of our ability.